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  1. All I Want for Xmassstng.mp4
  2. And join our Discord! https://discord.gg/Vzht8ztbpr
  3. 🖖 Peace and long life for the data... ...there is nothing going one here. Relax!!!! Dalek Relaxation.mp4
  4. Oh My!!! https://discord.gg/Vzht8ztbpr
  5. Use the Discord Luke.... https://discord.gg/Vzht8ztbpr
  6. Although Kenobi only has 6 episodes, so dont get caught out like I did, expecting there to be more.
  7. One dock at Deepspace 9 and a few coats of paint later... https://discord.gg/9aYdGvrQ
  8. Hello again. Does this help? https://discord.gg/Vzht8ztbpr Sub 🤩
  9. Oh my Gods... So happy to see life out there on other planets. You've all been through [apparently] a virus... .. I'm just sitting here waiting for Picard Season 2 🤣 Its looking nice TFMF BTW 🤗
  10. dBLOOD FYI: I did watch it and it gave me some hope. But why have they moved a Late season 'story' episode earlier. Do we have to wade through many more episodes until we find the true super narrative..... C'mon! Lets just solve the problem Doctor!
  11. I'm a hardcore Doctor fan. And like you dBlood I love the fact that the Doctor is female - I mean, what difference does it make. But I have to admit it has been too safe and littered with way too much exposition by the overburden of too many companions. Seriously... A token to a Planet. C'mon - just leave already. I've actually stopped watching one of my favourite shows because its driving me to spontaneous outbursts and disillusionment in Chibnel's reign. But your post dBlood is the trigger I've been waiting for to start watching again. Lets just hope that ep.6. doesn't drive me bat-shit-crazy with the (overly expositional) dialogue again........
  12. If you're wondering why I haven't commented on the Episodes yet.... Its all just sinking in. And I'm breathing a sigh of relief, while I await a couple of episodes to tie things in. Also don't want to add the spoiler tag yet 😉 But I will say: Picard & Star Trek are Back baby!
  13. With only a couple of days to go, here is no doubt the final Star Trek: Picard Teaser. PICARD will air on CBS All Access (US), Space (Canada) and globally on Amazon Prime (for the rest of us). SO EXCITED!!!!! Hold on to your Com Badges people, this is going to be brilliant. BTW: Season 2 is already confirmed 😲
  14. Merry Picardmas!!! Here's a new Teaser:
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