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Banner Contest Finals


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Sorry for being a day late getting this thread ready, I had a little too much eggnog this holiday season. With no further adu, I'm proud to present the top five banner submitters for public judgement!


























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Wow! They are all so nice! Great job everyone!!!


For me, it was a toss-up between c4's and Mayteya's. Perhaps you two can work together, and take the animated images c4 used in her banner, and incorporate that into one of yours (Mayteya's).


You are all so good.

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wow, amazing job to everyone. I spent a good ten minutes looking at them trying to pick my favorite. In the end, I had to go with Mateya because they look very professional. I really liked how c4 put all of the cateogories together, but it just seemed a little to busy, with all the stars, with fewer big stars in the background c4 would have gotten my vote.


Again, great job to everyone, they look amazing

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Hard hard choice. I love C4's, other than some slight blending thingies, it's great. Love how it runs the sprectrum of Trek to Dr. Who


Mateya's is also done extremely well. While not animated, they are beautiful little banners that are damn good. I like how he made a series of them like others did, I enjoy his use of shades and colors.


But since we can only use one banner, I voted C4's .gif ;)

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mateya are you still going to send me your prize? ;) :p


if you come second - sure! and 4000 hours in ms paint? ambitious :)


If mateya wants to pass on the prize, that's fine with me. Since the box set weighs a good 5 pounds, I'd perfer to NOT ship it overseas if possible (I have no idea shere mateya lives, but I'm guessing that she's far far away from me, probabally in the north pole).


I'm preying for a canadian winner. Hopefully someone in Ontario. HOPEFULLY someone that lives SO close to me, that I can meet them at a local coffee shop, and hand them the prize personally :)

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