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Game of the Moment?


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I've probably mentioned before that I really am the most boring gamer ever.

As a PC-exclusive gamer, I tend to play the same old games over and over again, but what are some of your favourite games that you keep coming back to?

Currently playing: 

  • Tomb Raider II 


(If you've never done the above while playing TR2, then you've not played it properly 😛 )

Some of the old classics I keep coming back to that you may have encountered:



One of the first games I ever played.  You basically fly around alien mines/tunnels and blow up robots (Such as the red claw thing above). Ultimate objective is to collect 3 keys to gain access to a reactor (Or boss bot), blow it up and escape before you yourself get blown up. Probably play this (And the sequel) annually ever since I first encountered it 25 years ago......

  • Civilization 6


Ok this one is a little more recent, and he series probably needs no explanation. I win by science victory most times... I'm not adventurous enough to win any other way...

  • Settlers


Going back in time again, I play Settlers 3 onwards fairly regularly. An age of empires-style building game, although slower paced, and more resource-focused. The later games are geared more more on battle/story, but are still good.

  • Star Trek: Online


There's actually quite a few good Star Trek games out there, but this one is still actively developed, and they've added quite a lot of great new content. Just last month they released a big update featuring a large number of DS9 actors. It's great to hear a lot of the cast again after so long - Especially since I just marathon'd DS9...  😃

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


The first time I played this (And the sequel), I was absolutely amazed at how good the story was. It's  little dated now, but I still enjoy the story and making changes to the characters to keep things interest.

I admit I never got into the Star Wars: The Old Republic (The online incarnation).

What do you keep coming back to?

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I am absolutely crazy about Warframe. I put 1000+ hours into it.

There is a new expansion coming in November, you will be able to roam freely in another large open area (the first and only one currently is The Plains Of Eidolon on Earth), they will introduce a hoverboard.

The game is free, you can grind out almost everything you are able to get in the game, there are even alerts with otherwise purchasable skins as rewards. The main story and the lore is fascinating in my opinion. Beautiful environments, greatly optimized, with interesting mechanics. Check it out guys!



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How did that waiting for Fallout 76 turned out mate? LUL

Update: Beautiful Desolation!

It's basically Fallout 2 in point&click adventure game format. I can't emphasize how good this game is! Also had like one patch since it came out, not released in a dogshit state, than one patch every month, as AAA games do.

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