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  2. All I Want for Xmassstng.mp4
  3. If only I had heard of Dalek Relaxation for Humans while trying to move over the forum!
  4. And join our Discord! https://discord.gg/Vzht8ztbpr
  5. 🖖 Peace and long life for the data... ...there is nothing going one here. Relax!!!! Dalek Relaxation.mp4
  6. A big thank you to @subspatial for kindly allowing NiteSciFi to reside on his server, This will provide a new home for the forums for hopefully many years to come. At the moment the forum is accessible through subspatial.net/nitescifi, with the main nitescifi.com domain acting a s a redirect. If you spot any issues, just let me know! 🙂
  7. Oops - fixed! 🙂 Helps if I use the "Make links never expire" option...
  8. Oh, look, it's up again, only took me a year to realize! Nice theme. The invite at the top of the board for discord has expired, the one in this thread works though. ^^ Nice to see, somehow, old things are preserved. 🙂
  9. Oh My!!! https://discord.gg/Vzht8ztbpr
  10. Use the Discord Luke.... https://discord.gg/Vzht8ztbpr
  11. Although Kenobi only has 6 episodes, so dont get caught out like I did, expecting there to be more.
  12. If you like sci-fi, if you are already found and registered at nitescifi anyway, if you like classic sci-fi, come and visit our discord! We like sci-fi and chilling! 🙂
  13. One dock at Deepspace 9 and a few coats of paint later... https://discord.gg/9aYdGvrQ
  14. Hello again. Does this help? https://discord.gg/Vzht8ztbpr Sub 🤩
  15. The good news is that these are shows with 8 to 12 episodes (boys and Obi-Wan 8, Orville series 1 12 episode), not 22. Take Obi-Wan with low expectations! 😀
  16. I'm really looking forward to Obi-Wan, but I'm holding off until the whole season and will then binge watch it all. Orville - I only watched the first few episodes, need to give it another go as I didn't give it a proper chance. Also not seen The Boys. I'm so bad at watching shows. Miles behind everyone else. 😞 Currently working through The Handmaids Tale, which actually I'm loving at the moment.
  17. The Boys season 3 started, The Orville is back, what do you think guys? The Boys has a lot of gore, a bit too much for me, it feels like they just being extreme for being extreme, but generally I like the series. The Orville feels a bit weird, but they are tackling something very serious again, I respect that. The Obi-Wan series started, seems interesting ,we'll see where it goes, I hope they won't do to Ben what they did to Boba Fett (watch the Boba Fett series if you don't know what I'm talking about!)!.
  18. watching the new season of The Orville, The Proper Star Trek

  19. OMG, I did not like her at all at first, and I was so wrong, she was such a great character!
  20. Funnily enough, I've just been rewatching all Doctor Who and have reached Season 4 with CT. I always quite liked her on the show.
  21. As the tittle says, it's not a sci-fi, but maybe some of you are interested. https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/a39435658/doctor-who-catherine-tate-return-possibility/
  22. Guys, watch this series, it's so good!
  23. Hi guys! I'm glad some of you still coming back here from time to time. New sci-fi series make me so depressed, it's good to know something is still there from my past! It does look nice, i hope you are all right guys! :)
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