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2003 UB313


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They are digging a big and very deep hole... (narrow minded politicians are involved)


The Definition of a Planet is going to be revised quite soon I think. Planets are being discovered at an increasing rate orbiting other stars besides our own. To date all of these are large planets, but the methods of detection are improving and soon they'll be able to detect tiny planets and some of these are most certainly going to be small rocky planets.




The name "plutons" is awful, they should change that asap to something more dignifying.

May I suggest Minor Planet or Rogue Popsicle. ;)

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Ah, nice, so they made the right decision after all.


I'm quite happy with this arrangement. :)



edit: you know, this article popped up on another site too and something hit me (auch), no really:


Pluto does not clear the neighborhood around its orbit because its orbit overlaps with its much larger neighbor Neptune. This therefore disqualifies it from planet status according to the IAU.


Why doesn't this disqualify Neptune as a planet? Neptune doesn't clear Pluto from its path either... Either the 'definition' I read was a little short (they might have left out a few minor details explaining my 'problem') or they're making arbitrary decisions again...

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Pluto status suffers another blow


Pluto has suffered yet another blow to its status.


Not only has it been demoted from planet to "dwarf planet", research now shows that it cannot even lay claim to being the biggest of these.


A study has confirmed that the dwarf planet Eris - whose discovery prompted Pluto's relegation from planet to dwarf - outranks it in mass.


The US team, whose work is published in the journal Science, described their finding as "Pluto's last stand".



- First seen in 2003 but finally recognised in 2005.

- Given the designation 2003 UB313 until formal naming

- Highly elongated orbit around Sun lasting 560 years

- Currently positioned some 14.5 billion km from Earth

- Has extremely frigid surface temperature of -250C

- May have thin atmosphere when closest to Sun

- Is accompanied by a satellite called Dysnomia


Eris = 2003 UB313


Read the rest at the source: BBC News



I've locked the poll, since Pluto is no longer a planet.

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That linky seems to be a bit dead.


Good for me, that means I'm not the only one who forgets to put the url's in links. :D


Anyway, I was allways a strong opponent of the planetary status of Pluto, so I don't mind if they demote it really and why not give it another kick when it's down allready. haha gotta love science, no room for inanimate object morals. :D


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